RaSIEM 2013 - accepted papers

  1. A Scalable SIEM correlation engine and its application to the Olympic Games IT infrastructure
    Valerio Vianello (UPM), Vincenzo Gulisano (UPM),  Ricardo Jimenez-Peris (UPM),  Marta Patiño-Martínez (UPM), Rubén Torres (Atos), Rodrigo Díaz (Atos), Elsa Prieto (Atos)
  2. Addressing security issues of Electronic Health Record systems through enhanced SIEM technology
    Cesario Di Sarno (University of Naples Parthenope), Valerio Formicola (University of Naples Parthenope), Mario Sicuranza (ICAR-CNR), Giovanni Paragliola (ICAR-CNR)
  3. Experiences and Challenges in Enhancing Security Information and Event Management Capability using Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
    Stefan Asanger (University of Cape Town), Andrew Hutchison (T-Systems International)
  4. Fraud Detection in Mobile Payment Utilizing Process Behavior Analysis
    Roland Rieke (Fraunhofer SIT), Maria Zhdanova (Fraunhofer SIT), Jürgen Repp (Fraunhofer SIT), Romain Giot (Orange labs), Chrystel Gaber (Orange labs)
  5. Reconsidering Intrusion Monitoring Requirements in Shared Cloud Platforms
    Kahina Lazri (Orange labs), Sylvie Laniepce (Orange labs), Jalel Ben-Othman (L2TI)
  6. The Ontology of Metrics for Security Evaluation and Decision Support in SIEM Systems
    Igor Kotenko (SPIIRAS), Olga Polubelova (SPIIRAS), Igor Saenko (SPIIRAS), Elena Doynikova (SPIIRAS)