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My pictures are generally licensed as Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike. They are licensed freely for Wikipedia and other web sites to use. They can also be used in online websites/resources, or in paper based books, pamphlets, brochures, etc without restrictions so there is no need to get my permission to use pictures which I personally took for your educational or commercial project at all. All I ask is attribution, nothing more. Since I don't take many pictures, I try to take quality images that people can appreciate. I include a small collection of images taken from my two (Canon and Fuji) cameras below in Canada where I live. Note: Korman is my secondary account which I mostly use for featured photo votes though I sometimes have voted for image deletion requests in the past, too. I will refrain from voting in image Deletion Requests in future with this other account but please note that I'm not perfect. Just to let you know. I hope you like the pictures. Regards.