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ARES 2006

The First International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security

The International Dependability Conference - Bridging Theory and Practice
April 20th - April 22nd 2006, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Social Events

The social events are for or all participants of any ARES Conference and Workshop.

Thursday, April 20: Guided tour to the exhibition AUSTRIA:1900-2000 in Klosterneuburg and typical “Heuriger Dinner”

Klosterneuburg is located on the Danube, immediately north of Vienna, from which it is separated by the famous hill of Kahlenberg.
We will have a guided tour through the AUSTRIA: 1900-2000 exhibition at the ESSL-Museum with its marvelous architecture.

AUSTRIA: 1900 – 2000

Confrontations and Continuities
17.02. – 21.05.2006 (Galleries, Exhibition Hall, Grand Hall)

One century’s history of the development of Austrian Art reflected in a spectacular overview in the entire museum of the Essl Collection. The exhibition offers under the thematic thread "Confrontations – Continuities" a selection of artistic landmarks of the 20th century, with a large variety of loans from important museums, among them works by the famous Austrian Artists Richard Gerstl, Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Alfred Kubin and Herbert Boeckl.

After the visit of the Exhibition we will have a typical Dinner at a “Heuriger”. “Heuriger” is the Viennese term for the wine of the most recent grape harvest, and it is also the name of the places where the wine is served.