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ARES 2006

The First International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security

The International Dependability Conference - Bridging Theory and Practice
April 20th - April 22nd 2006, Vienna University of Technology, Austria


1st International Workshop on Bioinformatics
and Security (BIOS 06)

In Conjunction with ARES 2006

Vienna, Austria

20-22 April, 2006


Call for Papers

Technological advances in high-throughput techniques and efficient data
gathering methods coupled with a world wide effort in computational biology have
resulted in a vast amount of life science data often available in distributed
and heterogeneous repositories. These repositories contain interesting
information such as sequence and structure data, annotations for biological data,
results of complex and expensive computations, bio-medical publications, and so
on. Newer and more sophisticated computational techniques to analyze such data
are also being developed and made available for public use at a rapid pace.
Nonetheless, the multiplicity in the objectives, methods, representation, and
platforms of these data sources and analysis tools have created an urgent and
immediate need for research in resource integration and platform independent
processing of investigative queries involving heterogeneous data sources and
analysis tools. It is now universally recognized that a database approach to
analysis and management of biological data offers a convenient, high level, and
efficient alternative to high volume biological data processing and management.
Advances in database integration, query processing, web technology, work flow
systems, and object-orientation can be leveraged to develop novel
high-performance data management systems for biological applications. But also
security is very important in this area and therefore this workshop has these
two focuses.

Topics of interest lie at the intersection of general bioinformatics and
security research. Following is a nonexclusive list of topics of interest for
this year.

  • Security for grid computing in the field of bioinformatics

  • Information security development processes for sensitive (medical)

  • Securing medical data (Information, Data and System

  • Digital Rights Management for medical stored data

  • Complex relational database management system, with
    object-oriented extensions and numerous application driven enhancements

  • Web and Wireless Security Bioinformatics and Medical

  • Usability and security needs of complex systems

  • Innovative approaches for securing medical data (access
    management, authentication, data protection, etc.)

  • Information Security Management



Important Dates

Submission of papers: 15 January 2006

Notification of acceptance: 23 January 2006 

Camera-ready copies: 1 February 2006

Author Registration: 1 February 2006

Submission Details

Your contributions should be formatted acoording to the IEEE Computer Society
Press Proceedings Author Guidelines: 10-point Times, single-spaced, two-column
format (see here for detail; if the link does not work, see here for
approximation). Each of your contributions should not exceed 8 pages.


Organisational Committee

Workshop Chair 

Küng Josef, University of Linz, FAW Austria

Mazuran Petra, FAW, Austria

Wagner Roland, University of Linz, FAW Austria

Program Committee


Eisenacher Martin, University of Münster, Germany

Hochreiter Sepp, TU Berlin, Germany

Hof Sonja, (DWS) AG,Switzerland

Kramer Stefan, TUM, Germany

Marik Vladimir, Technical University Prag, Czech

Mazuran Petra, FAW, Austria

Palkoska Jürgen, FAW Austria

Retschitzegger Werner, University of Linz, Austria

Revell Norman, Middlesex University, UK

Tjoa A Min, Technical University of Vienna, Austria