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ARES 2006

The First International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security

The International Dependability Conference - Bridging Theory and Practice
April 20th - April 22nd 2006, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Travel Information

Arrival by plane

  • Vienna International Airport / Schwechat

A multitude of international airlines is accessing Vienna International Airport in Schwechat. On the airport’s web site (http://www.viennaairport.com) you find flight information, an airport map, as well as information of transportation into the city center. You will have the following options:

  • fastest connection between the airport and Wien Mitte in 16 minutes is by City Airport Train (CAT) and costs EUR 9,-. Daily service is provided from 05:38 to 23:35, Frequency: every 30 minutes.

    CAT extra service: For your return flight, you can check your luggage
    in at the Wien Mitte terminal, if you want, already the day before.

  • the
    regional train (S-Bahn S7) follows the same route, same frequency,
    travels from 05:39 to 22:39, takes about 24 minutes to Wien Mitte and
    costs EUR 3,- .
  • the bus service Vienna
    Airport Lines goes from the airport (outside the arrival hall) to Wien
    Schwedenplatz (service from 6:20 to 0:20) or Südtiroler Platz (service
    from 6:05 to 0:05) in 25 minutes  (do not leave at Südbahnhof,
    this would make connection more difficult). costs: EUR 6,-.
  • Taxis are available leaving the arrival hall, but will cost up to EUR 30,- or even EUR 40,-
From both Schwedenplatz and Südtiroler Platz you can take the subway
line U1 to Karlsplatz, from Wien Mitte take the subway line U4 to

  • Airport Graz or Airport Linz

in Graz or Linz, you will have to take the train to travel to Vienna.
For further information see Arrival by train. Passengers from Graz will
arrive at Wien Südbahnhof (travel time about 2 h 40 min), passengers
from Linz will arrive at Wien Westbahnhof (travel time about 2 h).

  • Airport Bratislava (Slovakia)

airport of Bratislava in Slovakia is within 1-2 hour's distance to
Vienna and might thus be an alternative for arrival. Both busses and
trains connect Bratislava and Vienna. Airport information:



Bus connections to Vienna:

  • ÖBB Bus: Bratislava Airport - Vienna Südtiroler Platz .
  • Eurolines
  • SkyShuttle: can only be booked together with a flight from skyeurope.com
  • Airport Services Slovakia: phone: +43 1 7007 35003, e-mail: office@airportservices-bts.com

Arrival by train

If you prefer to travel by train you will find necessary travel information at http://www.oebb.at (Austrian Federal Railways).

Travellers arriving at Südbahnhof (coming from south, east or north-east), either

- leave the Südbahnhof station building at the front entrance and take
either tram 18 or tram O to Südtiroler Platz and from there subway line
U1 to Karlsplatz

- or take the S-Bahn (S1 S2, S3, S7 or S15) to Wien Mitte (Landstraße)
and from there subway line U4 to Karlsplatz.

Travellers arriving at Westbahnhof (coming from the west), take the
subway line U3 to Stephansplatz and from there subway line U1 to
Karlsplatz. .

Arrival by car

public transport is very comfortable and the easiest way to get
around, parking facilities within Vienna city center are limited
and expensive, so we do not recommend arriving by car.

Should you prefer to reach Vienna by car, please bear in mind to include the official highway toll label for Austrian motorways. Information at http://www.vignette.at -> MAUT (in German), price for a 10 day car "vignette" is currently EUR 7,60. 

in the streets in central Vienna during daytime is restricted to
residents with special permit or short periods (you will need a ticket
called "Kurzparkschein" for short periods).

Freihaus building (i.e. conference site) provides an underground
parking garage. Entrance is in Operngasse 13, at the backside of the
Freihaus building. Prices are: EUR 2,80 per hour, EUR 22,40 per day or
EUR 89,60 per week. See details at http://www.wipark.com/nav_b.htm?a_b_4_1.htm