SoK Papers @ ARES

Here you can find detailed information about Systematization of Knowledge (SoK) papers.

With ARES 2020 we introduced Systematization of Knowledge (SoK) papers at our conference.

These papers should integrate and systematize existing knowledge to provide new insight into a previously studied areas that fit the topics of interest of ARES; these topics can be found here. SoK papers should draw on prior work to put forth a new taxonomy, argument, or observation in an area in which substantial work has already been done. SoK papers should be more than a survey or summary of prior work in an area. The ARES submission guidelines also apply to SoK papers with the only difference, that they need the paper title has to start with “SoK:” this also applies to the paper title in Easychair (not only in the paper itself) and select the category “Systematization of Knowledge (SoK) paper (10 pages)”.

SoK papers will also be included in the proceedings and authors are required to present their paper at the conference.