IWPSS 2020

1st International Workshop on Privacy and Security in CCTV Surveillance (IWPSS, 2020)

to be held in conjunction with the 15th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2020 – http://www.ares-conference.eu)

August 25 – August 28, 2020

Workshop Description:

Video surveillance, being both effective and efficient, is being increasingly employed in smart towns and cities for surveillance of public areas, housing estates, car parks and public facilities. However, conventional automated surveillance systems do not promise any privacy and personal data security to the customers or the objects/people under surveillance. Therefore, privacy protection along with secured data retention and delivery is the biggest challenge in the design and deployment of intelligent and reliable surveillance systems.

The purpose of this workshop is to connect academic research with industrial requirements and civil laws by fostering the research in this domain. The focus is on linking information security and visual privacy of public data and to advance the discussion on the use of advanced cryptographic & visual data obfuscation techniques, machine learning and Blockchain in privacy protection, data security, and other related video processing tasks such as activity recognition, tracking and monitoring of unlawful activities.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Computer vision and image processing for privacy preservation in surveillance videos
Use of Internet of Things (IoT) and its subset Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT) in surveillance
Use of machine learning techniques in privacy protection and security of surveillance data
Security in surveillance videos using Cryptography and Steganography techniques
Authentication of surveillance video data through authentication algorithms and hashing
Use of Blockchain in security and surveillance
Video redactions in surveillance videos
Surveillance video enhancement (manipulation/tempering/video quality)
Privacy preserved tracking and activity recognition

Cryptography and Steganography techniques for IoT/IoMT devices
Machine learning in distributed surveillance network
Federated learning in distributed surveillance network
Obfuscation of private data in surveillance videos
Summarization, Annotation and Time-lapse of surveillance videos
Face recognition, number plate recognition, pet identification for surveillance applications
Object detection for security applications
Laws affecting video surveillance in public and private places
Implications of GDPR on video surveillance in UK and Europe

Important Dates
Submission Deadline June 01, 2020
Author Notification  June 10, 2020
Proceedings Version July 05, 2020
ARES EU Symposium August 25, 2020
All-Digital Conference  August 25 – August 28, 2020
Program Chairs / Workshop Chairs

Dr. Brian Lee (Chair)
Software Research Institute, Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland

Dr. Martin Fleury
University of Suffolk, Ipswich, U.K.

Dr. Nadia Kanwal (Chair)
Software Research Institute, Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland

Dr. Mamoona Asghar (Chair)
Software Research Institute, Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland

Dr. Mohammad Samar Ansari (Chair)
Software Research Institute, Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland

Program Committee

Dimitris Kanellopoulos, University of Patras, Greece
Nadia Nawaz Qadri, COMSATS Institute of Technology, Pakistan
Ekram Khan, ALighar University, India
Erkan Bostanic University of Ankara, Turkey
Mehmet Serdar Guzel, University of Ankara, Turkey
Nadeem Iqbal, Abdul Wali Khan University, Pakistan
Niall Murray, AIT, Ireland
Prof. Muhammad Sarfraz, Kuwait University, Kuwait
Randa Atta, Port Said University, Egypt
Sara Shehzad, The University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Shoaib Ehsan, University of Essex, UK
Xavier Bellekens, University Of Strathclyde, UK
Yuansong Qiao, AIT, Ireland
Zafar Shahid, The Facebook, US

Submission Guidelines

The submission guidelines valid for the workshop are the same as for the ARES conference. They can be found at https://www.ares-conference.eu/conference/submission/.