Emma Østerbø

NCE Manufacturing (Norwegian Centre of Expertise), Norway
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Engaging SMEs in the twin transition

Emma Østerbø 01/01

Emma Østerbø has been participating in and/or managing projects in manufacturing industry for almost two decades. Educated in Sweden, custom made for a job at Volvo, she ended up in the Norwegian countryside, at Raufoss. The Raufoss industry is the most robot-populated in Norway and 60 companies in the region are all globally competitive in automotive, defense, energy and more. Now as the CEO of the industrial cluster NCE Manufacturing (Norwegian Centre of Expertise), certified with the ECEI Gold Label and CEO of Manufacturing Technology Norwegian Catapult center she has taken on the role to share the competence of the cluster to the rest of Norway, with focus on SMEs. “Industryfluencer” on Instagram is her effort to de-mystify manufacturing industry to the public.

Engaging SMEs in the twin transition

Most manufacturing SMEs do not have the time and/or resources to do the research, translate the results to “better business” and at the same time avoid risk connected to implementation of new technology. The times we live in is just overwhelming in so many ways, that some stick their head in the sand, hope for the best and go on with their traditional business. In Norway, as in other places in Europe, many of these companies are corner stones of their local village. If they do not make it through the current industrial revolution, the crisis is much bigger for Norway than for the company itself. Norwegian Catapult is designed to provide competence and test infrastructure so SMEs can evolve, continue their business, or start new ones, and continue to contribute to a more resilient and sustainable society. In this keynote the CEO of Manufacturing Technology Norwegian Catapult will talk about the experience of finding the key to how to help SMEs finding ways to start or improve manufacturing business in one of the most expensive countries in the world.


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