Torsten Lodderstedt

SPRIND, Germany
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Vision and Challenges of the EUDI Wallet

Torsten Lodderstedt 01/01

Dr.-Ing. Torsten Lodderstedt is a Digital Identity Architect with more than 15 years experience in developing and running large scale consumer identity services. He currently works for the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation (SPRIND) as project lead & lead architect of Germany’s EU Digital Identity Wallet project and also serves as technical advisor at the OpenWallet Foundation. Before that, he led the consumer identity team at Deutsche Telekom and was CTO & CPO of an open banking scheme. Earlier in his career, he helped organizations in public, banking, and railway communication domains to implement highly-scalable and secure services.
Torsten is an open standards enthusiast and has contributed to a wide range of broadly adopted identity standards like OAuth and OpenID Connect as well as standards for remote electronic signing (CSC) and Open Banking. His current focus is on Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Credentials. For example, he is co-author of OpenID for Verifiable Credentials and supports the European Union's work on the eIDAS Architecture and Reference Framework.
Torsten holds a Diploma and a PhD in computer science from Dresden University of Technology and Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, respectively.

Vision and Challenges of the EUDI Wallet

The new eIDAS regulation will introduce the EUDI Wallet as a digital companion for users across the EU to access services in digital as well as physical space in a privacy preserving, secure, interoperable, and user friendly manner. This vision is ambitious and requires functions way beyond what typical wallets do today. It also requires an infrastructure for trust management to protect users from malicious issuers, wallet providers or relying parties. Also, the security and privacy requirements are much higher than what has been implemented in the past, resistance against high attack potential in conjunction with unlinkability and unobservability of transactions, just to name a few. This key note will describe the vision of the EUDI Wallet and highlight some of the challenges, with a focus on those challenges requiring scientific research.

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