International Workshop on Child Online Safety and Harms
  • Date
    Jul 30 — Aug 02, 2024
  • Location
    Vienna, Austria
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Workshop Chairs

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  • → Virginia N. L. Franqueira
  • → Tatiana Ringenberg
  • → Jayati Dev
  • → Brian N. Levine

Detail COSH 01/04

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to 02/04

  • Characteristics of children’s usage of online services/platforms according to age range
  • Age-appropriate design and auditing
  • Assessment of risks and harms posed to children online
  • Trade-offs between different goals, e.g., privacy vs. safety, risks vs. children rights
  • Age estimation, recognising child users, and discriminating children of different age range
  • Children’s data privacy and protection
  • Evaluation of existing mitigations and solutions to protect children online
  • Education of children about cyber security and online safety
  • Pedagogy and empirical evaluation of practices for cyber security education of children
  • Challenges of research involving children
  • Regulations and jurisdictional issues related to protection of children online

Workshop Chairs 03/04

Workshop Chairs

Workshop Chairs Logo
Virginia N. L. Franqueira
University of Kent, UK
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Tatiana Ringenberg
Purdue University, US
Workshop Chairs Logo
Jayati Dev
Comcast Cyber Security Research, US
Workshop Chairs Logo
Brian N. Levine
University of Massachusetts Amherst, US

Program Commitee

Oshrat Ayalon | University of Haifa, IL
Clay Shields | Georgetown University, US
Neidi De Carvalho | UNICEF, NL
Diana Freed | Brown University, US
Tracee Green | University of Kent, UK
Shelby Grossman | Stanford Internet Observatory, US
Veronika Kalmus | University of Tartu, EE
Juliane Kloess | University of Birmingham, UK
Shujun Li | University of Kent, UK
Rebecca Portnoff | Thorn, US
Chad Steel | George Mason University, US
Bryce Westlake | San Jose State University, US
Christine Trueltzsch-Wijnen | Salzburg University of Education, AT & Charles University, CZ

Submission 04/04

Important Dates

Extended Submission Deadline May 07, 2024
Author Notification May 29, 2024
Proceedings Version Jun 18, 2024
Conference Jul 30 — Aug 02, 2024
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