International Workshop on Security and Privacy Enhancing Technologies for Visual Data
  • Date
    Jul 30 — Aug 02, 2024
  • Location
    University of Vienna, Austria
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  • → Mamoona Asghar
  • → Amna Shifa
  • → Nadia Kanwal

Detail SPETViD 01/04

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to 02/04

  • Authentication of visual data (authentication algorithms, PKI and hashing)
  • Blockchain technology for Visual Chain-of-Evidence / Tamper-proof visual data
  • Computer vision for visual privacy
  • Cryptography and steganography techniques for visual data
  • Emerging threats and vulnerabilities on visual data (Deepfakes, Zero-day attacks on visual recognition systems, and data poisoning techniques)
  • Ethical processing of Visual data
  • Federated and Distributed Analytics
  • Generative / Synthetic Data Generation Techniques / Generative AI Media
  • Global and European Policy and Regulatory Frameworks (e.g., GDPR)
  • Image processing and Machine Learning for tampering detection techniques
  • Image processing for privacy protection
  • Implications of GDPR on visual information
  • Laws affecting visual surveillance in public and private places
  • Machine learning in distributed imaginary systems
  • Object detection for security applications
  • Privacy-preserved tracking and activity recognition
  • Privacy-enhancing visual data management
  • Privacy-preserving AI and Machine Learning (including Explainable AI (XAI))
  • Privacy-preserving technologies for visual data
  • Pseudonymization and anonymization Techniques
  • Safeguarding visual data With Differential Privacy
  • Secure analysis and retrieval of visual data
  • Secure Multimedia Internet of Things (MIoT)
  • Secure visual data pipelines and storage techniques
  • Secure and Verifiable Computation on Encrypted Data
  • Standardization and Interoperability
  • Summarization, data minimization, and annotation for visual data
  • Threat modelling for Visual Data
  • Video redaction/obfuscation Techniques
  • Visual data enchantment (manipulation/tempering/video quality) techniques

Workshop Chairs 03/04

Workshop Chairs

Workshop Chairs Logo
Mamoona Asghar
University of Galway, Ireland
Workshop Chairs Logo
Amna Shifa
University of Galway, Ireland
Workshop Chairs Logo
Nadia Kanwal
Keele University, UK

Program Committee

Asra Aslam | University of Leeds, UK
Gazi Erkan Bostanci | Ankara University, Turkey
Ihsan Ullah | University of Galway, Ireland
Martin Fleury | University of Essex, UK
Malika Bendechache | University of Galway, Ireland
Muhammad Babar Imtiaz | Technological University of the Shannon, Ireland
Muhammad Samar Ansari | University of Chester, UK
Rónán Kennedy | University of Galway, Ireland
Saeed Alsamhi | Insight, Data Science Institute, Ireland
Shoaib Ehsan | University of Southampton, UK
Zafar Shahid | Meta, US

Submission 04/04

Important Dates

Submission Deadline May 07, 2024
Author Notification May 27, 2024
Proceedings Version Jun 18, 2024
Conference Jul 30 — Aug 02, 2024
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